HeRBi - Helmholtz Repository of Bioparts

Order Plasmids at Forschungszetrum Jülich (FZJ)

  1. Find the Plasmid in our database.
  2. Write an E-Mail to  j marienhagenIvi5∂fz-juelich de   
  3. Please wait for further instructions.

Order Plasmids at KIT

  1. Find the zebrafish plasmids in our database you can click on the "order number" directly to get to an ordering system of the European cebrafish Resource Center (EZRC)
  2. Proceed with the ordering System of EZRC.
  3. They will send you an offer (Price see below) and you can create the MTA directly. You sign the MTA and send it to us per post.
  4. We send the DNA to you. You will get an invoice independend from the DNA sending.


To cover our handling and shipping expenses we need to charge you 50€ per plasmid plus 10€ paper fee.


We guarantee that the money is only used for building up and running the repository.